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10:57pm 30/01/2005
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02:44pm 01/01/2005
  1. i'm a really good person
2. i love being there for people, because i really care
3. i love the internet, way too much
4. i love babies and animals
5. i can't picture myself doing anything other than being a nurse or a dr.
6. i'm determined to learn spanish
7. i have a love/hate relationship with l.a.
8. i have more friends on the net than i do in "real life" but that's slowly changing
9. i love the feeling of going to school and being productive
10. i'm a big girl, not conventionally considered beautiful, but i carry myself extremely well
11. i'm not a tv person
12. i love the movies, and love movie screenings
13. my mom died when i was 16
14. i love tattoos and piercings
15. i have piercing blue eyes with a ring of amber around my pupil
16. i'm a good photographer
17. i love to curl up in bed with a good book
18. i used to cut
19. i've been hospitalized three times, two of which were ODs on soma
20. i live in a program, mainly because i didn't have a place to live
21. i'm dually diagnosed, that means i'm bipolar with substance abuse history
22. i'm always trying to become a better person
23. i have a small group of friends, and i would happily die for any of them
24. priscilla escobar is my best friend and we've been through everything together and i would do anything for that woman
25. i'm very intelligent
26. my father is gay, but he'll never completely confess
27. i have pcos, and am very symptomatic
28. i take lithium, effexor, and seroquel
29. i love maya angelou
30. there's nothing more beautiful than the written word
31. i'm an old soul
32. i don't know if i believe in god or not
33. i've never really had a boyfriend
34. dating is fun
35. i'm shy about kissing
36. i have sexy lips
37. my dad was a tv show host (http://www.tvparty.com/shindig.html) in the early 60's, and was actually quite famous
38. my dad was also a dj for 40 years, and was the .1 dj in l.a. when he was 19 on krla
39. my maternal grandpa is a decorated WWII hero
40. my grandpa just turned 86 and is a newly wed
41. tori amos is amazing
42. i have one tattoo i'm in the process of finishing that has a very deep meaning to me
43. i lost my virginity @ 17
44. everything about me is natural
45. i'm retarded numerically
46. i can blow anyone away linguistically
47. i'm a hopeless romantic
48. i'm a very intense person
49. there's passion in everything that i do
50. i know that my sole purpose of being alive is to be a mother
51. i suffer from a disorder that jeopardizes my fertility, but i will adopt if need be
52. i've earned every god damn stretch mark and scar on my body
53. i'm fiercely honest
54. i love people
55. i have a lot to give
56. i have even more to live for
57. despite my hard times, i still trust people
58. i have no idea where i'll be living a year from now
59. school is my only way to stability
60. i cannot sing worth a damn, i but sing anyway
61. i have both my nipples pierced
62. i love my breasts
63. i have issues with death and abandonment that stem from my experience with losing my mom
64. i fear that no one will ever love me as much as my mom did
65. i try to use my experience and help other young girls who have had parental loss and give them someone they can confide in and relate to
66. new year's resolutions are funny
67. i love shoes and purses
68. i can be anal about grammar
69. i aspire to be conventionally beautiful, but it's a long shot
70. i'm better off accepting me as i am
71. i think at this point, not many people or things could break me
72. i'm pretty courageous
73. i should write a book
74. i have ptsd, and probably couldn't recall vital details to write in my book
75. i'm afraid of therapy and i don't know why
76. i love roller coasters
77. disneyland rocks
78. family is WHAT YOU MAKE IT
79. gay men are sexy
80. i'm very liberal
81. people have told me i talk like a valley girl
82. phone sex can be hot, with someone you love
83. i'm mature for being 19
84. i'd move heaven and earth for my friends
85. i'm always there for people
86. i've lived with two rich foster families, that never went through the courts
87. i've never been sexually or physically abused
88. i'm a great listener
89. i volunteer at the braille institute
90. i love water
91. i don't believe in ghosts and spirits
92. i want hard facts and evidence, not speculation and gut feelings
93. i'm obsessed about oral hygeine, you're only given one set of teeth in your life. well, two if you count baby teeth, but you get my drift.
94. i like smart people
95. i have no room in my life for arrogance and bullshit
96. i love to laugh
97. i'm witty
98. i'm very approachable
99. i have a black cat named georgia who is cool as hell
100. i'm happy with who i've become

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09:02pm 01/10/2004
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08:21pm 07/07/2004
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01:41pm 03/07/2004

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